Anonymous asked:
You seem so humble and stay true to yourself. the attention you get would change a lot of people, so it's awesome that youre so down to earth. your pictures are extremely tasteful and classy. thanks for being a positive inspiration 🙌

Thanks for the sweet message. I won’t ever forget who I am or where I came from. Thanks for showing me love. Glad I can be an inspiration to some people. Have a great day and thank you😊

Anonymous asked:
Why you hatin on Martin Depict? Because he shoots Tianna regularly?


By no means was I hating. Someone messaged in voicing their dislike towards him. I simply replied with if they see it as him trying to copy me then I will take it as a form of flattery. Hence me quoting that popular phrase.

Tianna and I are good friends and I love to see her continually grow as a model. Which involves her working with other photographers. From doing one of her very first shoots with her to seeing where she is now is awesome. 

sushishane asked:
Just do you and don't worry about the haters.

🙌 thanks I am. It’s embarrassing for them to to take the time to leave anon hate messages. They must have some serious problems

Anonymous asked:
Aren't you tired of always just showing off your ass an tits to get far in life You're one of those lame calendar girls that are only good for their looks and don't have actual intellectuality

I don’t just show of my ass and tits to get far in life. I model for multiple clothing companies and magazines. I love modeling and wouldn’t change a thing. I also work very hard to be where I am at today and have grown as a model. I am working on other projects not just modeling. It’s sad that you are so jealous or down that you have to take the time to come on Tumblr anonymously and write rude things to people. You should worry about yourself and not others. Hope you find happiness.

waynerich asked:
When you coming back to the Bay Area?

End of October

Anonymous asked:
Are your parents proud of the kind of photos you take and isn't it like.. awkward o_o or

My mom and family are very proud of me. My photos don’t make my parents any less proud of me. I have always wanted to model and my family is really happy and proud that I am chasing my dreams. They also know the person I am and know that, I have lots of respect for myself and my body and even if I am posing risky that doesn’t change who I am.

Anonymous asked:
im a aspirign model and i really look up to you is there any way i can reach you like a email just to get advice?

Of course contact is on

Anonymous asked:
do you have any tips to lose weight?

Exercise and eating healthy

Anonymous asked:
that is a huge insult to the vegetarian community.. you call yourself a vegetarian yet you eat chicken? what the actual fuck.. are you trying to portray some image?

I was vegetarian for a lil over a year but decided to eat chicken a few months ago. I don’t tell anyone I am still vegetarian.