Anonymous asked:
I love that you're still so humble even with all the success that you've had! :) You're my inspiration. Anyway random question but I am just curious, would you ever hook up with a super hot guy who has a girlfriend?

Thank you :) I appreciate that. No if I knew the guy had a girlfriend I wouldn’t. I respect others relationships and I wouldn’t want to be hooking up with someone that was in a relationship in the first place. I’m not into just hooking up with random people. I have to really like someone to hook up with them.

Anonymous asked:
Will you sell iPhone cases with you on them?

Yes working on it

Anonymous asked:
Sooo Jax or Juice? Lol

Jax all the way 🙌

stay-floating asked:
You're the most amazing person to me and I see a lot of myself in you! You inspire me to reach my goals and work hard :)

Thanks pretty girl :) so glad I can inspire you. Keep up the hard work and thanks for the love 😘

imagendelrey asked:
Love your work. You inspire me as a photographer. You're so beautiful. Keep it up.

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi, If you don't mind me asking what's your favorite season?


Anonymous asked:
Any suggestions on moving to LA? Neighborhoods, prices, jobs, roommates?

Its very expensive but I would say the closer you are to the ocean the higher the price. Maybe rent a room or have roommates. The valley is cheaper.

Anonymous asked:
You're my inspiration. Keep doing your thing! :-)

:) thank you

Anonymous asked:
When are you sending out your next order of calendars?! I've been waiting for two weeks! ):

Email me off so we can check your order status.

Anonymous asked:
What's one food you always want to eat but can not because of your diet?, bagels and Cheetos