Anonymous asked:
Why do you shoot for DGK? You're not ghetto at all. You're classy and a role model.

I did one Dgk shoot in the beginning of my modeling career and I feel it has helped me with where I am at
Today in my career. It was an awesome experience.

Anonymous asked:
Whats the 🍃🍃 all about? Lol

👌I can’t say inside joke

bigb0yivan asked:
Let's watch movies and eat hot Cheetos together?


Anonymous asked:
A night in or a night out?

A night in

Anonymous asked:
How did you socialize and make friends if you were home schooled? Most friends I have were from school :/

I played high school and club soccer so I made lots of friends from that.

moussaas asked:
Mad love for you and the things you do, keep working hard and accomplishing your goals, always in the sidelines cheering you on

Thank you so much :) have a wonderful night

Anonymous asked:
Just wanted to say as a father of a 19 year old daughter it is fantastic to see a woman such as yourself work so hard, stay classy, and well grounded. Your a great role model for the youth of today. Wish you all the success you hope for

Thank you 🙌 I truly appreciate it

Anonymous asked:
How often do you workout?

Almost everyday