Anonymous asked:
Is there a specific reason why you're putting your @ name in some of your pics? Don't mean to be rude sounding...

Because my photos are ending up on dating sites and fake pages.

travis173 asked:
Would you ever consider working with a photographer that's a beginner? (assuming the work is good) lol

Yes if I like the photographers work of course I would work with them.

sawoooo asked:
Breaking bad or song of anarchy? even though breaking bad already ended

Sons of anarchy :)

Anonymous asked:
Do you remember your fans that attended your bday

Yes most of them I do

Anonymous asked:
what year where you born in?


Anonymous asked:
Do you plan on tunning up your lexus? And if you yes what do you plan on doing to it?

Yes I will eventually :) I want to get a paint job and rims