dimitridhernandez asked:
Will you be taking pics with people Friday @ Dekan? 🙏

Yes of course

Anonymous asked:
Will you ever do an appearance in Dallas?

Working on it

Anonymous asked:
What is your official IG account? I've seen several.

_tiannag , _tiannagregory

Anonymous asked:
Hey!! Just wanted to ask you how much it is to book a photo shoot (10-15 photos) and maybe a 4 min long video with you and my car?! I don't have a twitter or tumblr account that's why I'm asking through this anonymous thing lol. I follow you on IG and that's where I saw that bookings were through twitter. My FRS is going to be nice and sexy when I'm visiting home in Cali in Sept So thats when I would like to get the shoot done. Thanks for your time! :]

Bookings at tiannag.com

Anonymous asked:
Tianna, I think your absolutly beautiful & amazing. I want to get a tattoo of you as an angel, & another a dark angel, so I was wondering if you would ever do a photo set with that theme? Reason being, it would be quite difficult to alter perfection.

I don’t have anything in the works but it is possible

Anonymous asked:
Why are you kinda promoting drugs in your vid? That's pretty uncool

I have never promoted drugs if referring to my video with creepstreet. They asked what I would tell kids to bring to camp and I said water because for the all day shoot in the sun we didn’t bring water. I think you might be referring to what the other man said in the video.

Anonymous asked:
Will you ever make an appearance in Texas?

Houston August 1st

Anonymous asked:
Is this the real Tianna Gregory? Like the amazingly majestic and gorgeous one? Not like a fake or something?

This is the real Tianna lol 🙌🙈

Anonymous asked:
What is your most memorable moment?